Quality Spot Welds Made Easy


REAL-TIME Adaptive Resistance Spot Welding on Steel



Fluctuations in Line Voltage and Air = Force

Matuschek’s MASTER® control mode is an adaptive control feature on many of Matuschek’s MFDC resistance welding controllers that monitors the welding process and makes real time adjustments to compensate for most process disturbances. 

Quality spot welds made easy!

The 0.5ms rapid decision making capability of 1,000 Hertz MFDC resistance welding controllers enables the proprietary algorithms of Matuschek’s MASTER® control mode to minimize the effects of negative weld influences.

Increase in overall weld quality
Reduction in defective product
Increase in manufacturing throughput
Reduction in destructive testing
Reduction in expulsion rate and costs for cleaning parts and fixtures
Reduction in bad welds due to sealants and adhesives
Improved electrode life by 2-3 times
Elimination of bad welds due to wrong weld schedule
Reduction or Elimination of weld set-up costs/time between jobs


Changing Between 2 and 3 Sheet Welding Operations


Changes in Sheet Thickness

Shunt Effects


Changes in Type and Thickness of Coating

Weld Expulsion


Adhesive Between the Sheets

 Electrode Wear


Gap Situations

ONE Schedule Does it All

The ability to compensate for stack-up changes and material changes means one set-up weld schedule can produce quality welds over a range of weld applications.

Process reliability, process speed, and weld quality are all improved.

The set-up of a Matuschek MFDC welding controller with MASTER® mode is fast and straightforward resulting in shorter equipment startup times and simple adjustment for process or equipment changes.

MASTER® mode is set-up by simply operating the weld controller in its Constant Current mode while adjusting the weld schedule to produce a quality weld. Then switch to MASTER® mode and watch the quality welds follow even as the process encounters the usual welding disturbances.


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